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In each settlement of Sierra The Giant and each office of many government and civil institutions, it is very frequent to hear and to comment that the situation of rural communities is very unfavorable as far as regards economic development and the management of natural resources. Surely, many people and each institution think they know the solution for that situation.


We want to tell you from within our rural communities we think the solution is in ourselves and we have started to give the first steps to change our situation.


Sustainable Producers Sierra The Giant, Nonprofit Organization, is a Regional Association, which represents the population of Sierra The Giant [in La Paz, Baja California Sur, México], which gives advising, planning and necessary link to promote the economic development with respect for the natural environment and [to help] to conserve the natural and cultural patrimony. We are looking for strengthening our organization to auto-negotiate [in a better way] and to improve the quality of life in our communities.


We are integrated by eleven founder members and we are part of the communities and commons from the region and we represent more than six hundred families and two thousand five hundred people from our highlander region.

“We are an association that serves as a link with other institutions [and] we have the will [power], the enthusiasm, [and] the technical skills and [the organization as an institution] to attend and contribute to solve the different problems that are present in our region”.

Materials [and Publications] for Communication [and for Consultation]

“Knowing the Values of Its People, History, Culture and Environment”

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“Sustainable Producers Sierra The Giant ‘Made in Ranch”

“Rural Products Catalogue 2016 Brand ‘Made in Ranch’”


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Sustainable Producers Sierra the Giant, Nonprofit Organization

Las Pocitas S/N, Municipio La Paz, BCS, México

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