Marketing Center of Rural Products

Marketing of Rural Products is a forerunner project inside of the region, which has generated [different] channels of commercialization of rural products and just prices between the producer and the final consumer. This initiative has one Registered Brand, “Hecho en Rancho” [Made in Ranch], which is our distinctive mark in our commodities. With this [Registered Brand], we are trying to avoid mediators, to value processes of hand-crafted and traditional production, which are directed to the sustainability.

Institutional Strengthening

Sustainable Producers Sierra the Giant, Nonprofit Organization, promotes [different] activities constantly to fortify its assemblies, based on the implementation of its Policies and Internal Procedures Manuals, which allow the operation of the Association to continue working and growing strong.

With the purpose of keeping a representation of rural communities of Sierra La Giganta, The Adviser Board of the Community was conformed and it is represented by leaders of the community compromised with the wellbeing of their communities and which have the capacities to expose the needs of their communities and of the region [of Valle de Santo Domingo], anyway to propose solutions that allow to take care of those problems under a regional vision and united and collaborating with another rural communities.

Information Center

The Information Center is a space that offers information to the visitors about environmental, cultural and social topics of Sierra La Giganta. [For example, this center can give information] through a diversity of maps, mockups of sierras La Giganta and Guadalupe, books, magazines, different brochures and a computer with programs to find [specific] areas

Wood Saver Stoves

Traditionally, people use open fire for cooking in the rural communities and this costume has serious consequences for the health, mainly for little children’s and women’s health. Firewood is and has been the main combustible for cooking and its irrational usage has [negative] consequences, diminishing and degrading the forest resources [in the region of Valle de Santo Domingo] and causing [as a consequence] deforestation and soil erosion.

This project pursues to diminish the firewood consumption pattern and with this [control] to mitigate 111.5 tons of CO2 per year, offering to the families from the region a healthy and economic alternative for cooking with wood saver stoves [brand] Patsa

Tourism Project: Trips to Giganta.

Sustainable Producers Sierra the Giant, Nonprofit Organization, [promotes] Viajes Giganta and designs and administrates touristic trips and products in [the region of] Sierra La Giganta, generating different benefits for the ranchers who live in the region. The first benefit is [people] rent the infrastructure of the owners, because the cabins belong to groups of the community and particular holders [.] Distinctive services lenders are also employed and capacitated [by members of our organization]. [Specially, we train] cooks, [tourist] guides and producers that show some of their main activities in shops. Another benefit, the one with the bigger impact, is to finance sustainable productive projects, through the profit re-investment produced by this activity.

Uses of Forest Resources

Sustainable Producers Sierra the Giant, Nonprofit Organization, is developing at present two forest studies in coordination with Comisión Nacional Forestal (CONAFOR) [Forest National Commission]. The first one is a regional study of Unidad de Manejo Forestal (UMAFOR 302) [Forest Management Unit], which has the objective of knowing the existing non timber-yielding forest resources [in Valle de Santo Domingo], their uses, problems and opportunities for exploitation; the second one is a characterization study of a water supply river basin, which has the objective of characterizing and analyzing the resources and the existing forest potential, to promote the industrial forest development.

Regional Plant Resource Centre

Sustainable Producers Sierra the Giant collaborates with two community tree nurseries to produce white-barked tree [planta de palo blanco]. [These kind of] trees are used for reforestation, for soil conservation and, in the future, [they will be used] for commercialization.


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