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Sustainable Producers Sierra the Giant, was born when eleven people from Sierra La Giganta made the decision to found this organization in a meeting celebrated in April 15, 2015, in Matancitas ranch, Sub-delegation La Soledad, La Paz County. knowing the importance of the challenges that the inhabitants from the different rural towns from Sierra La Giganta live actually, both in terms of social development and conservation of natural resources, and conscious of that the potential to find and apply different alternatives to solve the problems, increased in an organized manner. [Likewise, we registered] our organization legally as a business in May 4th, 2015, before the Public Notary Number 8, under the name of Productores Sustentables Sierra La Giganta A.C.


Sustainable Producers Sierra the Giant is a nonprofit organization devoted to represent the people from the region Sierra La Giganta, in the search of a sustainable development..


The region Sierra La Giganta is an integral model for an economic development, for a sustainable usage of the natural resources and for the preservation of its own cultural patrimony.

Association of Sustainable Rural Producers in
the Sierra The Giant.

To give a bigger and better attention to its own people and to its own natural environment, through a civil organization integrated totally by producers and inhabitants from the own region, which can offer a support to defend relevant just causes [to have] stability and development of the people from Sierra La Giganta.

To have a group of people devoted exclusively to improve actual unfavorable conditions from the region through negotiation and implementation of projects.

The producers can have an endorsement from a group devoted to offer them advising, education and orientation about relevant strategic topics for the region Sierra La Giganta, such as legal certainty lands property, productive projects, collection money from governments, technical assessment and putting attention to other problems

To have an effective and permanent coordination with different government offices and civil organizations and to have access to projects for community development [and for] conservation and management of natural resources through [our] association.

To be represented authentically by our own people [and] to work [to get] just benefits for our region without political, economical and ecologist purposes.


Forming into an association
with new members

The inhabitants from different rural towns from Sierra La Giganta can be form into Sustainable Producers Sierra The Giant voluntarily when they want to do it, whether it be going to our offices situated in Las Pocitas or in La Paz, or talking to the technical team people who go to different communities from Sierra La Giganta, making different field trips.


Manuel Amador
President and Legal Representative

We are a group of organized producers. Our objective is to facilitate selling products and linking with the private companies and government institutions.

Benito Bermúdez
Director Regional de la Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales 

With an association, people can look for better prices to empower or re-empower the producers, those who make beds, those who make light beds, those who we have palm leaves, and those who we have wood palm. [So] with this “store” people can have many another derived products.


Productores Sustentables Sierra La Giganta A.C. Las Pocitas S/N Municipio La Paz, BCS

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